Inspired by Your Potential

IFMSA-Québec and its Organizing Committee are extremely excited to have been elected as host of the IFMSA General Assembly August Meeting 2018!

Our dedicated, experienced and motivated team has been working on this bid for over a year. It all started in November 2015 after a delightful dinner with friends, which concluded with a very late night thought : “Why not? Let’s do this!” The project was officially approved by IFMSA-Québec’s national team in January 2016, and we elected our Chair and Vice-Chair during our national congress in May of the same year. Since then, we have put together a multi-talented team of eight brilliant individuals, and we have already had three weekend bootcamps.

We have established a key partnership with Tourism Montréal and Quebec Medical Association (AMQ), and have received the support of the Honorable Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada), the Honorable Philippe Couillard (Québec’s Premier), Dr Gaétan Barrette (Québec’s Minister of Health), Mr. Denis Coderre (Mayor of Montréal) and the International Portfolio of Health Canada. We have also connected with medical associations and universities across the country, and so far, the responses have been extremely positive and supportive.

We believe that Montréal is a perfect city to welcome an IFMSA event. It is internationally renowned as one of the most vibrant, young, welcoming and fascinating cities of the world. Few will resist the charm of this smart, captivating and spirited city. Montréal’s multicultural population is what shapes its cuisine, conversations, and looks. As a bonus, the city is easy to get to, with direct flights from most major international destinations.

On this website, you will learn about what we are offering as host of the IFMSA August Meeting – a friendly meeting space, hosted in the heart of the city, with views on our skyline and green spaces. We have also included information on the pre-general assembly (set to be in the historic town of Quebec City), on the Alumni gathering, retitled the Health Symposium, and on post-GA touristic options.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Québec, with a carbon-neutral General Assembly that reflects our sense of ethics and care for the environment, as well as our belief that students are powerful changemakers. Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, IFMSA-Québec has shown a remarkable commitment to the Federation over the past years, including a successful and memorable General Assembly in 2010, two sub-regional trainings, six IFMSA Officials, and many international assistants and programs coordinators.

We hope our event will engage future physicians differently, and contribute to the changes we want to see in our health systems. We will do our best to make IFMSA delegates feel empowered by their knowledge and their new international connections.

We truly can’t wait to welcome you to our collective home. Let’s make it (Mont)real!

The Organizing Committee of the August Meeting 2018
Aline, David, Alexandra, Camille, Raphael, Yassen, William and Claudel

IFMSA-Québec’s Executive Board
Djamila, Karma, Thuy-An, Margo, Laurence, Roxanne, Gaël